klode, n., [klɔd]

Norwegian and Danish: Planet, Globe

klode° is a Swiss design brand that creates and develops innovative products with features that are of benefit to the planet.

In contrast to household waste, 90% of which is recycled, the recycling rate of organic waste is no greater than 45%. Due to its water content, this type of waste does not burn well and is responsible for more than 40% of CO2 emissions released by incineration plants. This type of waste is particularly harmful, even though it is a useful source of energy and is beneficial to the soil after recycling.

It was in recognition of this fact, that the start-up Up Green Recycling was created before becoming klode°. The vision of the start-up was to devise and develop solutions for households wanting a greener world. That is why the Mint waste bin was created to satisfy the need for simple solutions that are sustainable and tailored, that would support the increase of recycling rates by households.

Since then Up Green Recycling has evolved to become klode°, a Swiss design brand for products focused on solving environmental concerns. It is with this in mind that that klode° conceptualizes and develops products marketed in collaboration with Swiss and European enterprises. The thinking around these products is based on the collective dynamic and user experiences to produce inspirational designs that are creative, innovative and sustainable.




klode° is a trademark of the Geneva design studio Pull up SA.