klode, n., [klɔd]

Norwegian and Danish: planet, globe

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Photo: Magali Girardin

klode° is a French-Swiss design brand that conceptualises and develops innovative products whose functionalities contribute to protecting the planet.

In contrast to household waste, 90% of which is recycled, the recycling rate of organic waste is no greater than 45%. Due to its water content, this type of waste does not burn well. They are responsible for over 40% of CO2 emissions from incineration plants. This type of waste is particularly harmful, even though it is a useful source of energy and is beneficial to the soil after recycling.

It was with this in mind that in 2019 we created Up Green Recycling, which became klode° in 2021. Our mission is to imagine and develop solutions for households looking for a more sustainable way of life. This is how our Mint bin was created. We are convinced that simple, sustainable and appropriate solutions will help to increase household sorting rates.

klode° is a Franco-Swiss product design brand with a strong environmental focus. With this in mind, at klode° we design and develop products that fit in with our vocation. Every day, we work with the best Swiss and European companies to offer sustainable, high-quality products. The thinking behind these products is based on collective dynamics and user experience, resulting in inspiring, creative, innovative and sustainable designs.



klode°, a brand of the Franco-Swiss design studio Pull up, is based in the canton of Geneva in Switzerland and in Haute Savoie in France.