This procedure shows how to use Mint for optimal performance. 

Step 1

Unlock Mint by pivoting the handle backwards. 

Déverrouillage Mint

Step 2

Lift the lid. Place your waste inside.

Remplir Mint

Step 3

Close the lid and lock Mint by pivoting the handle forward. 

Verrouiller Mint

Step 4

Pump about ten times on the top, without letting the plunger go all the way up. The more you pump, the more efficient your Mint will be.

Pomper Mint

Compostable bag

Put the compostable bag through the fixing ring. Flip the edges around the ring. Insert it into the bin. The bag should not emerge to ensure a tight seal.

Sac bague

Precautions for use

Make sure that the seal on the lid, as well as the one in the handle (A) are clean to ensure the system is leak-proof. Washing recommendation: Hand wash with soap and warm water each time Mint is emptied. Not suitable for the dishwasher.